Seasonal Mondiad Advertising Ideas: Spring

Stop for a moment, and take a deep breath in. Smell that fresh, crisp air?  That is spring! 

What comes to your mind when you think about spring? The grass is getting greener, buds are sprucing up again, the weather gets warm, birds start chirping, and people huddle over spring cleaning….all in all, it’s a time of change, renewal, and new beginnings.

So on to it! Spruce up your advertising game! This spring, bloom with Mondiad! 🌱🌼


1. Start anew with a fresh spring cleaning:

Step into this new season with a fresh, spring cleaning. Examine your performance and see what needs to be cut and what needs to be watered in the future.

  • Check for ways to optimize your ad campaigns;
  • Update your ad creatives or landing pages;
  • Automate tedious processes;
  • Catch up with our updates and/or new features you are not yet using to fine-tune your results.

If you are an advertiser or an affiliate marketer, check for ways to optimize your ad campaigns, update your ad creatives or automate tedious processes. Pssst… you can catch up with the Mondiad updates and new features you are not yet using to fine-tune your results! Are you using a conversion tracker to track conversions? How about our smart optimization rules? 😉

If you’re a webmaster, we got you as well. This is the right time to check your website for outdated data like contact details and see if you anyhow clean up anything like improving loading speed or user experience, for example. It’s the little details that make a difference and first impressions are game-changing for viewers.


2. Spring-ify your offerings:

Do you know what else you could do? Get into the spring spirit of renewal!

  • Add vibrancy to your landing pages and creatives. Use pastel hues. Update your call-to-actions to match the season.
  • Focus of themes like rebirth, freshness, or joy.
  • If you’re experienced in your field and have some history, bring back bestsellers or tease upcoming offers.
  • Run a spring discount or giveaway to encourage visitors.
  • Promote spring-themed offers to take advantage of seasonality. Think of a spring bundle, for example. Also use the FOMO effect or limited-edition offers, if applicable. Also, think of local/international events which are relevant to your target audience, like Saint Patrick’s day, Earth day, Mother’s/Women’s day or Easter, and promote offers designed for those occasions.
  • In it to win it. Experiment with something new, be it an ad format, a new vertical, GEOs… you get the gist.


3. Upgrade your ad creatives:
  • Add vibrancy to your landing pages and creatives using pastel hues and spring colours.
  • Use symbols like flowers, seeds, birds, youth to relate to the season of renewal.
  • Focus on spring themes like renewal, growth, and freshness in your ad mesages to resonate better with your audience.
  • Update your call-to-actions to match the season.


4. Promote the right things:
  • Once with the warmer weather, outdoor enthusiasts are getting equipped with outdoor gear & apparel for their spring adventures whether it’s camping, hiking or gardening.
  • Cleaning products, organization tools, and home improvement items will be popular since people are now tidying up their homes, and preparing for the warmer months.
  • Advertise travel deals, hotel accommodations, and vacation packages targeting spring breakers, families planning getaways, and individuals looking to explore new destinations as the weather improves.
  • Health and wellness products rise in popularity once with people’s desire to adopt healthier habits and get in shape for the summer season.
  • Phone cleaners/boosters would do great since they resonate with the spring theme of renewal!
  • Sweepstakes are a great match for spring marketing! Viewers are more relaxed and eager to discover new things even if that requires them to give something back, like filling in a short form. Bring some excitement to your audience!


When it comes to getting traffic or monetizing it, bloom with us! 🐣

-> Run campaigns with Mondiad in less than 10 minutes!
-> Submit your website for monetisation now! 

A change of seasons can provide you with great business ideas! Have a productive spring!

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