Mondiad Traffic Monetisation Tips

Psst! Do you have a website? Then convert its traffic into money! Ad monetization is still one of the most common ways to generate ROI on most things digital. Diversifying your monetisation strategy will only benefit your business in the long run.

If you want to learn how millions of websites are earning money at this very moment, keep on reading to see what`s behind the wall of ad monetization!

What is ad monetization?

Simply put, ad monetization is the process of monetizing ads that you choose to host on your website and get advertising revenue in return.

According to Siteefy, there are 1.17 billion websites in the World or 175 new websites created every minute. We, as well currently host 40+ K active websites that are being monetized. I guess we can say that since it was born, the World Wide Web has completely transformed our lives and it continues to do so.

Should you monetize your website?

If you want to put money to work for you, then yes, you do! Make money while you sleep by automating your revenue! With little effort, an ad network like Mondiad can easily help you reach your potential!

  • it`s easy to begin; 
  • it`s not time-consuming;
  • you can work remotely as long as you have a computer and internet connection;
  • it`s a recurring income;
  • it can be your primary income or a supplementary one.

Once you are a Mondiad user, you can invite friends to join Mondiad using your referral link and earn money!

Some publishers excel at ad monetisation and some don’t – Which one are you?

Assuming you already have your website live on the web and you are ready to monetize it, here is your checklist for successful monetization:

Must-have configurations, website-wise:
  • a clear and easy design, website structure 
  • a friendly user experience
  • a mobile & desktop friendly website
  • a normal speed loading, responsive website
  • a regular stream of traffic
Must-have configurations, content-wise:
  • frequent, high-quality, original content 
  • SEO & SEM optimization
  • niched content 
  • internal & external links 
  • CTAs
  • a legal privacy policy 
Must-have traffic know-how:

🔹Website type & Categories

As a publisher, setting up your website categorization is important for targeting the right viewers.

  • Adult: Virtual Reality, Blogs & Forums, etc
  • Mainstream: Entertainment, Sport, Tech & Business, etc


As previously mentioned, a strong UX is a game-changer so pay attention how you set up your ad zones. Ensure they look natural and as least distracting as they can get for the viewer.

🔹Ad categories / Verticals

  • Mainstream
  • Mainstream aggressive
  • Adult
  • Adult explicit

🔹Ad display settings

  • Widget Position
  • Display delay (sec)
  • Timeout after click (min)
  • Timeout after close (min)
  • Number of notifications on Page

🔹Biding type: CPC & CPM

The CPM(Cost Per Mille) pricing type works best for brand awareness campaigns as publishers get paid for every 1,000 ad impressions, even if the user did not interact with the ad. We deliver the best CPM rates on the market for guaranteed results!

The CPC(Cost Per Click) model, also known as PPC(Pay Per Click), pays publishers for the number of times a viewer clicks on an ad they host, to get further information on a product/service.

5 ad monetization do’s and don’t-s:
  • DO – Use a mixture of ad formats but DON`T ad overkill
  • DO – Run several niche blogs instead of just one
  • DO – Know where to catch traffic trends
  • DON`T think quantity over quality
  • Do choose an ad network that caters to your audience and your needs

Shhhh… now, listen! Do you hear the sound of ad monetisation?

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