Seasonal Mondiad Advertising Ideas: Fall

Get your business into the fall spirit!

When it comes down to it, fall has some big dates in the calendar. It’s the season when Thanksgiving, Halloween or Black Friday takes place. It’s also when the weather gets colder, a new school year begins and everything gets pumpkin-spiced.

The point is, there is a lot of hype for this season, resulting in many meaningful opportunities to breathe some new life into your marketing game and spice up your ROI.

Verticals we recommend:


It`s time kids and students now go back to studying, so school supplies are much needed. At the same time, the weather gets colder and cozyness becomes a priority in many homes. In this period, electronics that bring home comfort, clothes that keep you warm, perfumed candles and other home decor utilities are very eye-catching for consumers around the world.


The beauty scene is always on the move and a new season is no exception. On the contrary, fall-themed beauty products and electronics, skincare products for the fall season, trending make-up products, and spa treatments are now competing for the limelight.


A lot of exclusive promotions, special bundles and price fluctuations are expected this season, not to mention Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It`s a time when customers are looking for good deals as well as entertainment as they spend more time indoors, so sweepstakes success spikes us starting now.

When it comes to traffic or monetizing it, just leaf it to us!

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