How to Create an Ad Campaign

The Campaigns Tab:
Mondiad campaigns tab

Easily navigate through your ad campaigns using the search field and filters like Id, Name, URL, Country, Status, Ad Format, Date Range.

The table containing your ad campaigns lets you visualize the Id, Name, Status, Ad Format, Bid, Daily limit, Impressions, Clicks, Spent, Conversions, and Revenue of your campaigns.

By clicking on the icon, right at the end of an ad campaign entry is a quick menu to modify your campaign: Resume, View, Edit, Clone, Reports, Archive.

Create a campaign:

To create an ad campaign, start by adding your campaign information:

1.  Give your ad campaign a name;

2. Create tags for better ad campaign management.

3. Create your target URL by adding your tracking tokens.

  • [clickid] – Unique ID is used for conversion tracking
  • [zoneid] – Zone ID is our token for publisher id and represents a group of subids
  • [subid] – Subids belong to Zone ID and are usually used for a granular campaign optimization
  • [country] – Country Code (2 letter country code like US, FR, DE, IT)
  • [campaignid] – Campaign ID in our system
  • [creativeid] – Creative ID in our system
  • [os] – Operating system name (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.)
  • [browser] – Browser type name
  • [carrier] – Mobile carrier
  • [subscriptionage] – How many days ago the subscription occurred
  • [bid] – Bid value (CPC)
  • [adformat] – Represents the Ad format (Classic Push, In-Page Push)

4. Choose the type of your landing page content: Mainstream/Adult.

5. Select your offer type from the dropdown box.

Campaign Creatives:

campaign creatives

Next, it`s time to design your campaign creatives:

Add your creative Title, Description, Icon and Image. Use [city] and [country] tokens in the creative title and description and each user will see his own country and city in the message. Insert emojis in your Title and Description to make it more visually pleasing.

On the right side, you can click on the preview button to see how users will see your ad.

You can create a number of 10 creatives in a single ad campaign.

We recommend creating two separate campaigns for Classic and In-page push ad types, for better optimization and reporting.

Choose the Push Notification Ad Type you`d like for your ad: Classic Push, In-Page Push, Native, Banners.

Classic Push

  • Requires the consent of the visiting user to get displayed, meaning he trusts the website he is visiting;
  • Engaging; 
  • User-friendly;
  • Used for all types of advertising campaigns;
  • Reaching users directly through mobile or desktop from everywhere.

In-Page Push

  • Does not require the user consent/a subscription to be shown;
  • Displayed in a push form after the page is loaded, directly on the website;
  • Compatible with all devices;
  • Relevant for all users;


  • Are seamlessly integrated into the user experience, looking similar to related content on that page;
  • Generate more clicks than traditional ads;
  • Build trust as they are strategically placed based on the audience`s online habits and search history.


  • Are super versatile, coming in many shapes, sizes and placements;
  • Can be interactive, which fosters deeper connection and higher engagement rates;
  • Perfect for increasing brand awareness or driving sales since they are strategically placed and visually attractive.

Campaign Targeting:

Next, in the Campaign Targeting section, select the parameters you want for your ad campaign. Currently, you can make a broad selection of filters, namely: 

  • Country
  • Region & City
  • Carrier
  • Device Type
  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • Operating system version
  • Browser
  • Browser language
  • Browser version
  • Subscriptions Age
  • Traffic Type
  • ZoneId
  • SubId

Campaign Budgeting:

  • Biding is allowed on a CPC(Cost Per Click) basis for Push Ads and CPC or CPM(Cost Per Mile/1000 Impressions) basis for Native ads, starting with the minimum of $0.0001.
  • Setup your ZoneId Daily Budget(maximum daily spend cap on each ZoneId).
  • Next, set the Daily Budget(maximum daily spent cap on each campaign) starting with $10.00 or set it to unlimited. *Attention: The daily budget may be exceeded due to the nature of Push Ads.*
  • Finally, set up your Total Budget for your ad campaign to a minimum of $10.00 or unlimited.

Clicking on “Advanced Biding” will also allow you to set up a custom Bid by ZoneId, SubId and Country.

Campaign Delivery:

In the Campaign Delivery section, start by setting up the frequency/cap of your ads. Select the number of times and the timeframe (in hours, starting with 1 hour) your ad will be shown to a visitor.

Next, select your desired timezone from the dropbox below.

Set the Day Parting by campaign running days and hours during the week. You can choose between:

  • Anytime – the campaign will be run around the clock during the week. 
  • Custom – the campaign will be run on customized days and hours.

Set the campaign running period (by UTC) by choosing the start date and end date of your campaign. You can specify one date or both. 

The empty Start Date =campaign starts immediately.
The empty End Date = campaign ends only when you stop it.


Bulk actions:

If needed, you can better optimize your campaigns by running or pausing campaigns in bulk, using the “select bulk” button.

Optionally and (recommended by us), you can work with a selection of our features to further optimise and improve the results of your ad campaigns.

-> Smart optimizing rules

-> Campaign audiences

-> Event tracker

-> Additional conversion goals

-> Integrated conversion tracker 


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