Track and Optimize Your Ad Campaigns with Mondiad’s Built-in Event Tracker!

Are you also concerned that your ads are only served and not actually viewed/clicked by real users? Well, from now on you can erase this uncertainty from your worry list. Track your campaign’s performance easily with the new Mondiad built-in event tracker! Read on to see how it works!

What is the Mondiad Event Tracker?

We’ve built an Event Tracker that will help you track the performance of the traffic purchased from Mondiad and optimize the campaign easily, without third parties or additional costs.

The event tracking feature benefits advertisers who want to track actual events(views and clicks), giving them further insights into how users engage with them. This valuable information will allow advertisers to better optimize their ad campaigns by focusing on what areas work best.

The mechanism behind this feature is built around the engagement metric that allows advertisers to track the quality of the publisher`s traffic, adzones, subids, countries, devices, etc, and thus, the quality of their campaign targeting. 

What can I track?
  • whether users fully load the landing
  • clicks on any type of element(button, text, iframe, image, etc.)
How does it work?

We`ll collect all this information through a tracking script that will send callbacks to us, namely, 2 new metrics: Viewability and Actions.

  • A click qualifies as a Viewability when the visitor fully loads the website.
  • A click qualifies as an Action when the visitor clicks on an element that the advertiser wants to track. (1 unique event per visit).
How to set up the Mondiad Event Tracker:

The Mondiad built-in event tracker is ready to set up when you create a new campaign or edit an existing one. The Event Tracker section is visible right under the campaign delivery section.

To enable Event Tracking, first, you need to integrate a tracking script into your landing page. 


event tracker integration process

STEP 1: Insert the first script to measure the viewability.
Copy and paste the event script into your website’s HTML code(ideally in the head, anywhere between <head> and </head>, and tags). 

STEP 2: Insert the second script to track clicks.
Copy and paste the seconf script and wrap your tracked elements into a div with a data-mndet attribute (you have all the integration details on the campaign’s setup page).

You can only use step 1 without submitting step 2, however, step 2 cannot be implemented without step 1 first.


NOTE: The mtclick parameter!

– The Mondiad event tracker uses the mtclick=[clickid] parameter to track the visits (and assign them to your campaign stats). If you are using multiple redirects until the final landing page, please ensure that you are passing the mtclick=[clickid] parameter to the final landing page too.

– You also need the mtclick=[clickid] parameter to monitor Viewability and Actions in the Reports section.


How to check if you’ve implemented correctly the Mondiad Event Tracker:

Once you have implemented the 2 steps, you can now check if the event tracking integration of your campaign is working properly by using the “Check the event tracking integration” button.

This step will create a simulation using your campaign’s final landing page, in which you are simulating the ad viewer.

→ To generate a view, you have to click anywhere on the webpage.

→ To generate an event, you need to click on your tracked element (image, button, etc).


Your simulation will be tracked and shown to you in real-time, in the test window.

Monitor & Optimize your campaigns via your Reports:

After the setup up and (a bit of time to gather traffic) you can check the new engagement metrics in the Reports section, as Viewability, Viewability Rate, Actions and Actions Rate. Using this section, you can further optimize your campaigns by generating breakdowns by subIDs, and so on.

event tracker metrics in the reports section


Do you want analytics that you didn’t have access to before? Then come try for yourself!
If you are not yet registered, you can sign up as an advertiser and start a campaign in less than 10 minutes!

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