Mondiad Case Study: Optimisation Rules + Event Tracker

If you’ve been a Mondiad advertiser for a while now, you might know we aim to provide the best performance tools using cutting-edge technology to skyrocket the ROI of your advertising campaigns. For this reason, we wanted to showcase the potential of two of our most valuable in-house assets, our event tracker and our smart optimisation rules. And you know what? You can combine these two features and get even better results! Let’s take a deep dive into this topic using a concrete case study and learn all about it!

Mondiad’s Optimisation Rules + Event Tracker = TOP RESULTS! 
The Mondiad Event Tracker is a free, built-in tool that tracks landing page ad events(full page loads and clicks on desired elements), giving you further insights about the traffic and how users engage with it! This feature is great for advertisers who can’t use a conversion tracking tool.

With the additional help of Mondiad’s smart optimization rules, advertisers can automatically optimize their ad campaign by playtesting with specific scenarios using ad campaign parameters, helping them automatically discover what makes their ad campaign perform better, all while saving them time and money.

By combining the insights from the Event Tracker tool with the automated optimization capabilities of the Optimization Rules tool, Mondiad advertisers can maximize their campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring that their ads are not only reaching the right audience but also driving meaningful engagement with their landing page. This iterative approach allows for continuous improvement and optimization, ultimately leading to better campaign performance and ROI.


Let’s consider an advertiser who is a new makeup artist from the UK with their own makeup brand. Recently, they launched an online shop/website to sell their beauty products, alongside a blog section where they regularly share makeup tutorials, product reviews, recommendations, and whatnot. While already gaining recognition in the UK, their current advertising objective is to extend their brand’s reach to European citizens within the next 6 months however, they are also interested in how people react to their brand as an influential figure.

Action plan:

1. Setting up the essentials of our campaign:
Naturally, before we move up to optimizations, we want to set up all our campaign parameters including targeting, budgeting, delivery parameters, ad formats and whatnot.

2. Setting up the Mondiad Event Tracker:
Moving on, we’ll quickly and easily set up our event tracker by passing the clickid in the URL and inserting a simple javascript on your landing page. 

Mondiad event tracker setup

In this case, we will use the built-in Mondiad event tracker parameters (viewability & event) to track how ad viewers interact with the advertiser’s Landing Page, and discover more about users’ interest in the brand.

  • The first script will inform us if the ad viewer fully loads the Landing Page, letting us know that they are interested in the product but also proving that the ad viewer is not a bot.
  • The second script will be placed to track the “blog section” on the Landing Page, letting us know how many ad viewers are interested in the face behind the product.

3. Defining our Mondiad Optimization Rules:
To get familiar with all rules parameters as well as setting them up, you can read more here. In this case, we want to remove SubIDs which generate more than 100 clicks but less than 10 events.

Block low-performing subids:

Mondiad smart optimisation rules

This rule will blacklist all the SubIds where people are not clicking on the “blog page”. This way we understand these are the users who might not be the best leads for us to continue with the advertising efforts.

4. Monitoring & Analysing Campaign Performance:
After having our campaign run for a while so our rule optimization algorithm can adjust to the campaign setting, we can now have a look at our stats. By looking into our reports, we can now quickly spot which segments are performing and which are not by looking at the Viewability and Actions columns. 

Breakdown by Subid:Mondiad event tracker reportsNaturally, we want to eliminate all underperforming segments from our campaign, and for this, we can either do it manually or let our rule continue to work its magic.

5. Keep monitoring and making tweaks, if necessary:
Even after making optimizations and monitoring your ad campaigns, it’s crucial to continue monitoring them periodically to ensure they maintain their success. Watch out for market fluctuations, seasonal trends, or consumer behaviour. Regular monitoring and optimization are key to sustained success in advertising.

Final remarks:

To conclude, combining our free event tracker with the optimization rules can be a game-changer for your ad campaigns. More data is always better data. Remember, you’re not only leveraging data-driven decisions but also empowering your campaigns to automatically adapt and improve over time. 

So whether you’re managing a small-scale campaign or overseeing multiple ad sets across various platforms, take advantage of these tools, experiment, iterate, and watch as your campaigns soar to new heights of success.

And if you need a(nother) helping hand, we are one click away! 😉


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