It`s a wrap: The European Summit 2022!

The European Summit 2022

The European Summit 2022 is part of the TES Affiliate Conferences that had quickly turned into one of the most important conferences in affiliate marketing. Since 2009, it unites the people in the advertising industry to a great  3-day networking meeting and industry check-up that facilitates successful business growth!

And oh boy, this year’s conference was not to miss! In fact, two additional team members joined last minute!

The European Summit 2022

22, 23, 24, and 25 August in sunny Prague were this year dedicated to the digital markets from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, health and more.

4.000 Participants, 200+ Exhibitors, and 125+ Speakers from 80+ Countries have met or reacquainted again in a flagship event, to celebrate their industry and conduct business!

We confirm. Just look at the pictures on our Facebook album and you`ll get the vibe!

The Mondiad T-shirt in the pictures are:

  • Radu – CEO & Co-Founder Mondiad –
  • Alex – CFO & Co-Founder –
  • Diana – Customer Care Specialist –
  • Miki – Customer Care Specialist –
  • Rares – Project Manager –
  • Cristian – Tech Consultant –

If there`s something left unsaid, this is your sign the message them. 


Many applause to the organizers and big thanks for anyone taking the time to meet with us! We`ve returned home fully energized and ready to meet our next adventure. Check out the EVENTS section in the header menu to see if we`ll cross paths soon!

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