How does Mondiad`s referral system work?


What is a referral system?

Mondiad gives you 5% up to 1000 dollars revshare from your referred member’s spent or earnings!

Register page link with your referral(example):

How does it work?

1. Share your referral link!

Share your referral link anywhere on the web!

  • Via social media;
  • In Forums;
  • In your email signature;
  • In Call-To-Action in blog posts;
  • Through post-purchase messages;
  • In your own creative on your site.

2. Your referral joins Mondiad!

Our referral system works for both advertisers and publishers.

Your referral signs up on through your referral link and creates a campaign on which has at least 1 Impression.

We don’t have any restrictions on the number of referrals you can bring to join Mondiad.

After a referral is registered, it takes about a day until it appears in your system.

3. You earn extra income!

While your referral`s account remains active,  you earn 5% (up to 1000 dollars) from each advertiser`s spent or publisher`s revenue.

Promo Materials

In this section you can use the following banners as your Mondiad promo materials:

Text link snippet with your referral:

Mondiad referral system link snippet

8 x Image link snippet with your referral:

Mondiad referral promo materials

Referral stats

Here you can track and analyze your referral commissions.

Mondiad referral commisions

→ Referral earnings are counted separately, being an additional revenue to your ad campaign’s ROI or monetization earnings!

→ This also applies to publishers and advertisers.

  • Total referrals
  • New referrals
  • Active referrals
  • Referral history (calendar view)                                                                               
  • Total commissions 
  • Unpaid commissions
  • Referral commissions withdrawal, date, amount, payment processor, status

Referral earnings withdrawals

IMPORTANT: Advertisers can withdraw their money to buy traffic!

Mondiad referral commisions withdrawal

→ An advertiser can request a cash-out by going to Referrals System → Referral Stats → Withdrawal Earnings:

Mondiad referral commisions withdrawal

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