Mondiad interstitial ads are ready to make you money!

As a publisher, looking to increase your ad revenue, especially without disrupting the user experience, is always a topic that remains on your mind. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a new ad format to make you money!


Meet Mondiad’s interstitial ads!

Interstitial ads are full-screen advertisements that appear between two content pages or during natural transition points within a website such as when a user finishes reading an article, completes a level in a game, or navigates between sections within an app.

In Mondiad, interstitial ads will be displayed in the centre of a website’s screen with a darkened background around it, being displayed to your website audience, at the time customized by you, namely, a display delay in seconds.


The anatomy of an interstitial ad:

The interstitial ad format is made of either a 900 x 600 ad creative composed of a title, a description and a static/dynamic visual, or a landing page URL.

Remember to experiment with different time delays. A recommended frequency cap would be 1 impression/hour/domain/user).

🌟 Don’t forget to use our demo ads mode which previews how the ad zones you’ve configured will show ads on your website. This feature uses dummy ads but you’ll need to set up your ad codes into your website beforehand.


What are the benefits of interstitial ads?

💪 Monetization: opportunity:
To put it simply, interstitial ads are an additional ad format for publishers to choose when thinking about monetising their websites. Being able to choose from multiple ad types (in one place) is super helpful since every website has its unique colours. Sometimes it’s best to test out different ad format options to see which ones work for your type of audience and sometimes there is an opportunity to work with several ad formats simultaneously, to maximize ad monetization.

💪 High visibility & No banner blindness:
Interstitial ads are hard to ignore since they cover the entire screen, thus ensuring maximum visibility and exposure to users. And you won’t have to worry about banner blindness.

💪 Better engagement:
As a result of being super visible, this ad format can easily capture users’ attention, leading to higher engagement rates, which also translates into high revenue potential.

💪 Mobile-friendly:
Since we are on our mobile devices most of the time, the strategic placement of interstitial ads shows once again how efficient they are since the full-screen view is unmissable on both desktop and mobile screens, no matter the screen size or orientation.

💪 Don’t take space on your website:
e push notifications or dynamic ads(another ad formats we provide 😉), interstitial ads do not take space on a publisher’s website, but rather appear on their own, as a separate layer. In this case, you don’t need to think about how ads with disrupt your website layout/theme or affect the user experience of navigating your website.

💪 High versatility:
Advertisers love them since are super versatile, being effective for various advertising objectives, be it for brand awareness or for generating a direct response from the audience, not to mention they are also versatile when it comes to different niches too.

💪 Insights and Analytics:
We provide our publishers with detailed analytics on their ad zones’ performance, including metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR or revenue to further optimize their ad placements for better results.

💪 Quick & easy integration:

Moving forward, interstitial ads will be an asset in our ad portfolio and will play an essential part in our publisher’s ability to make money with us.



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