Everything you need to know about interstitial advertising!

Looking for ways to get your business in the limelight? Enter interstitial advertising, a powerful tool that has gained prominence for its ability to deliver full-screen ads at strategic moments. Let’s deep dive into everything you need to know about interstitial advertising, from its benefits and best practices to its impact on user experience and performance metrics.



Interstitial ads began to gain popularity in the early 2000s, (at a time when banners were popular), as a response to the growing need for more engaging forms of online advertising. Early examples show that interstitial ads gain popularity with the rise in mobile apps and mobile browsing, their strategic timing and placement being a sought solution to banner blindness.

Since their introduction, interstitial ads have evolved greatly, being able to adapt to changes in technology, user behaviour and advertising trends and continue to be a high-rewarding ad format for both advertisers and ad publishers.


What’s an interstitial ad?

Interstitial ads are full-screen digital advertisements that appear between two content pages or during natural transition points within a website such as when a user finishes reading an article, completes a level in a game, or navigates between sections within an app. In Mondiad, interstitial ads will be displayed in the centre of a website’s screen with a darkened background around it and a close button with which the user closes the ad and returns to their current session.

The Mondiad interstitial ad format is made of either a 900 x 600 ad creative composed of a title, a description and a static/dynamic creative, or a landing page URL.

How do interstitial ads work?

To put it simply, like any other display ad. Some may say interstitial ads are similar to pop ads since they are shown in full-screen, right in your face. However, in this case, interstitials do not open in a new window but show as a full-screen overlay in the current window.

Fun fact: the term “interstitial” is used as a reference to “in-between” since it sits between a referenced page and the page which references it—hence it is in between two pages.


Interstitial ads investment & results!

When setting up interstitial ad campaigns, before choosing your bidding model,  it’s best to take into consideration your goals, budget and target audience. Currently, in out network, you can choose to work eighther via CPM or CPC models.

CPM If the primary goal of your interstitial ad campaigns is increasing your brand visibility towards your ideal audience, then the CPM model is just right for you. 
CPC For campaigns aimed to drive traffic or generate leads for your business, the CPC model ensure you pay only for clicks, making it the most cost-effective choice.

-> For volumes and average bids you can always check our real-time traffic inventory on our website. 🌟


Perks of advertising with interstitial ads!

  • The full-screen takeover offers high visibility, easily capturing a user’s full attention.
  • Publishers like them since they take no space on their websites(like push notifications or pops) 
  • The strategic placement and display settings encourage high user engagement.
  • The centered display ensures there is no banner blindness.
  • You can leverage advanced targeting options to reach your desired audience.
  • Desktop and mobile friendly.
  • Super versatility, interstitial ads can be used in advertising lots of niches, for various goals as well as budgets.
  • With us, you also get lots of in-house optimization and automation tools to maximize your interstitial campaign results.


Verticals suited for interstitial ads!

The effectiveness of interstitial ads, like any other ad format, depends on the advertiser’s goals, budget and target audience, as previously mentioned. In this sense, there are no limits when it comes to ad verticals as well, however, we can recommend some niches that tend to perform particularly well with interstitial ads.

As previously mentioned, interstitials are super versatile. By continuous display of messages, brands can successfully raise brand awareness and recognition, placing them ahead of competition. At the same time, interstitial ads are also a great choice to generate leads and boost sales. Advertisers can easily encourage engagement with their offers while its strategic display ensures 100% visibility.

Interstitials can take various forms, including statics or dynamic content, thus they are commonly preferred in promoting app installs, and promotional content, to collect user information (such as email addresses or sign-up for newsletters) as well as to advertise various special discounts. Think of niches like mobile apps, sweepstakes, nutra, adult games, or dating.


Best campaign practices:
  • The right timing and frequency of interstitial ads are significant for efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to think of natural display intervals that feel non-intrusive towards the ad viewer. 
  • As with any ad format, the ads displayed must be customized to fit the target audience personas and the countries themselves.
  • Design visually appealing ad creatives, that communicate a clear message as well as a clear call-to-action to engage users. Remember, you can also use a landing page link as a creative, which is another great benefit and perk if you want to simply your process.
  • Like with any other ad, using FOMO(fear of missing out) should be a great incentive to make people engage with your offer. Show your audience that they will miss something valuable.
  • Make sure your ads are optimised for both mobile and desktop environments.
  • And perhaps the most important tip, monitor your campaign performance and optimize when needed.
  • Use ad tracking to track more info about your campaigns performance. You can try a free tool like our event tracker or use a third party tracking tool with more complex filters, but at additional costs. As our advertiser, you’ll get exlucusive deals from our partners in our dedicated section.


Create interstitial ad campaigns in less than 10 minutes, with Mondiad! 🌟

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