Seasonal Mondiad Advertising Ideas: Summer

This summer, stay cool with Mondiad but keep your advertising game hot!  Here are our seasonal advertising ideas: the summer Mondiad edition!

Seasonality and buying trends are important considerations for affiliate offers. So what are you promoting this summer? We all know summer is all about the hot weather, outdoor activities, vacations by the ocean or on the contrary, hiding inside from the overwhelming heat. 

So without further ado, here are some of the most popular advertising ideas in the spirit of summer:

Relaxing by the pool, spending time at the beach, and engaging in watersports are the leitmotif of this season thus advertising any props related to these activities will be very sought: beach gear, scuba diving equipment, surfboards, vacation packages, refreshing summer cocktail kits… you name it.

Outdoor sports: & the summer body craze: 🧴🏐👙

Due to the increased interest in achieving a desired physique for the summer season, vendors can capitalize on this trend by selling fitness and wellness products, healthy food and beverages, sports equipment, beauty and skin care products, fitness programs, shapewear clothing and the like.

The travel niche: 🧳🧭🏕️

Summer is also a peak travel season. Thanks to the enjoyable, warm weather, people are most likely to enjoy a vacation, explore a new city or camp with friends. In this category, cameras, camping gear, travelling packages, luggage, RV renting offers, or outdoor games can get any marketer big wins if he understands the needs of his audience.

Around-the-house activities: 🎐🛠️🗿

When it comes to being chill around the house, summer is the perfect season to take on home improvement projects whether its about new decorations or buying appliances like air conditioning machines, cooling fans, window shades, or garden furniture. Speaking about it, one cannot stay away from gardening and outdoor cooking during this season.

Summer giveaways, sales, discounts, and clearances: 🎁🛍️📦

Summer promotions are everyone’s best friend. This is a season of spontaneity where people are more prone to take on a special deal of interest to them. If it is relevant to what you are selling, capitalize on special summer discounts, clearances and limited-time offers to attract customers.

International big events happening this summer: 🎫🏅📅

Worth mentioning are also summer events, whether local or international, like sports events, music festivals, food and beverage festivals and other similar gatherings where you can capitalize on by promoting relevant products or services.

Sports events:
UEFA Champions League, Stanley Cup, Tour de France

Music festivals:
Coachella (USA), Glastonbury (UK), Tomorrowland (Belgium)

Food and Beverage Festivals:
Oktoberfest (Germany), Pizzafest(Italy), Bacon Festival(USA)


Our recommendations:
  • Use summery keywords like “sun-kissed” or “beach ready”.
  • Add urgency with phrases like “limited offer”, “exclusive deal”, “this summer only”.
  • Appeal to storytelling and evoke emotions like summer adventure or relaxation.
  • Use vibrant colours in your ad creatives/LPs. Summer is all about bright hues, whether its clear blue shades representing the sky and the ocean or the warm bright hues of the sand, sun, and fiery energy of the season.
  • Summer is the season when native ads are going places! They are a great choice for monetization as well as a lucrative ad format to send traffic to your page due to their contextual and content-lookalike spirit.  Since summer is about slowing down our life, we will see a spike in the effectiveness of native ads as the summer season installs. Come, test it yourself!

There are always great ideas to create compelling and engaging ads for every season. Remember to highlight the essence of the season in your ads but also tailor them to your ideal target and brand identity.

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