Betting Advertising: 101 Guide for Affiliate Marketing Success!

Few niches are as lucrative—or as competitive—as betting advertising. The rapid spread of internet accessibility in the past years combined with the rising capital and the ongoing evolution of the betting industry is making this niche an ideal choice for affiliates ready to make money on the web.

First of all, the market size is already big and still consistently growing in size and popularity, covering more on more space around the world.  The gaming technology innovations boost casinos into new markets at lightning speed and this is just a part of this niche. According to Statista, “The size of the global online gambling and betting industry amounted to 63.53 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. This has been forecast to rise to 184.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2032, representing an increase of 190 percent within a decade.

Secondly, the betting industry is an evergreen niche, with high earning potential for affiliates all throughout the years, although, popularity spikes can be seen seasonally, especially if we think of subcategories like sports betting and their international events.

Regular promotions and bonuses keep users engaged, leading to a sustained use of the betting platforms and continuous earnings for affiliates. Many affiliate programs offer lifetime revenue sharing, meaning affiliates continue to earn a percentage of their revenue generated by their referrals. To top it all off, affiliates within the betting industry get higher conversion rates than other niches since the offers promoted are very attractive and increase the likelihood of users signing up and depositing, leading to higher commisions. 

Feeling intrigued? Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer eager to dive into this thrilling sector, keep reading to understand the nuances of betting advertising, from the basics of the betting industry to advanced strategies for maximizing your affiliate earnings. 



In affiliate marketing, betting offers refer to various promotions and incentives provided by online betting companies to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to continue using their services. These offers are a crucial part of affiliate marketing strategies within the betting industry, as affiliates earn commissions by driving traffic and generating conversions for these companies.

Betting offers are all about the betting experience, encompassing welcome bonuses, free bets, exclusive games, cashback deals, loyalty or VIP programs and so on.

Also important to note is that are two subcategories to this niche, one referring to the casino industry and one referring to sports betting. Casino games like slots, roulettes, loteries, bingo, poker and other card games offer the viewer the chance to win big prizes through luck or skills while with sports betting, it’s all about gambling on the outcome of sporting events.


Advertising betting offers

Like any journey, nothing can begin without a proper market research.  Like we established before, the betting industry covers various areas like sport betting, casino games, poker, etc so you’ll want to choose a niche that you are either educated about or have interest in it.

Now that you have an idea of what you want to promote, it’s time to look for the right affiliate program. Fortunately, there is a wide palette of networks to choose from, all with different perks to suit every preferences. When choosing it, consider looking at factors like commission structure, offer types, reputation or team responsiveness. Check out our partner deals section for some exclusive deals you don`t want to miss.

Moving forward, it’s time to make a plan. As we already established, this niche is always profitable and consequently, there are many ways to promote it, however in this article we will focus on what we know best: promoting offers via programmatic advertising.


Best campaign practices:

Set clear goals from the beginning.
Define what you want to achieve with your ad campaigns. Is it driving traffic to your landing page, generating sign-ups or encouraging deposits? This information will later help you keep track of your evolution and your financial success in general, which will further help you optimize your efforts on the go.

Understand your audience!
In advertising, it all starts with identifying and understanding your audience. Naturally, they are the receivers of your message, so you’ll want to put yourself in their shoes and understand their motivations, behaviour and preferences. Gamblers for example are usually males in their 20s-30s who live in urban areas, have decent incomes and are pretty internet savvy. Depending on your what types of betting offers you want to promote, you should further analyze your piers to make better campaign decisions and later optimizations.

TOP GEOS for targeting:
Naturally, if you are just beginning your affiliate marketing journey, you’ll want to start with tier 2 and 3 countries since you’ll want to make smaller investments and take smaller risks, however, if you have experience, you may want to use tier 1 targeting for bigger profits. Good places to find your audience can be Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia, Bulgaria or Kazakhstan but remember to do your research as the industry is dynamic.

Similarly important, you must  educate yourself on the legal implications of advertising betting offers. The betting industry is highly regulated so you’ll need to read into the requirements of advertising in a specific country you are aiming to target. Although it is not as highly regulated as the tobacco or the alcohol industry, in many countries there are strict laws about the way in which such offers can be marketed.

Timing is key!
In advertising, timing is key and that includes both the ad delivery settings and the specific period in time, like during summer months. First of all, the betting industry, although evergreen, comes with some spikes of popularity which translate to more lucrative opportunities. This type of seasonality can be seen, for example, in the sports betting subcategory, which is typically more popular during major sporting events.


Here are some examples of lucrative events to be on the lookout for:

Activity Frequency Audience
FIFA World Cup: Football Every four years. Global
Olympic Games  Various Annually, (Summer and Winter): Global
UEFA Champions League: Football Annual Primarily European but with global interest.
Super Bowl: Football Annual Primarily North American but with significant international interest.
Tour de France: Cycling racing Annual Global, with a focus on cycling enthusiasts.
Tennis Grand Slams (Australian Open,
French Open, Wimbledon, US Open):
Tennis Annual Global
Formula 1: Car racing Annual, with multiple races
throughout the year.
(Indian Premier League – IPL): Cricket  Annual Primarily Indian, but with significant interest in cricket-loving nations.
National Basketball Association
(NBA) Regular Season and Playoffs:
Bascketball Annual Primarily North American, with growing international interest.
FINA World Aquatics Championships Swimming every two years Global
Grand National Horse Racing Annual  Primarily UK and Europe but with international following.
World Series of Poker (WSOP) poker Annual  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. + Global enthusiasts

And secondly, it’s important to consider the day and the time of the day during which your target audience is most active and most likely to engage with your ads. If you think of gamblers, when do you think they are most active on the web? Fortunately, when it comes to digital advertising, this part is rest assured via the day parting feature.


Send messages that convert!

Design landing pages that provide detailed information about the betting offers and which encourage visitors to sign up using your link. Ensure these pages are mobile-friendly and have clear CTAs as well as a catchy visuals which demote from the images the niche promoted. People today have super short attention spans, thus visuals are a vital part of the conversion.

As a recommendation, we advise you to use our built-in, FREE, Mondiad Event Tracker which tracks landing page ad events(full page loads and clicks on desired elements), giving you further insights about the traffic and how users engage with it! 

Not less important are your ad creatives and your ad copy. These two should highlight the benefits of clicking the ad and use simple yet compelling language and visuals that catch the eye and attract clicks. It is commonly recommended, especially for newbie affiliates or for use when venturing into new territories to use ad spy tools for inspiration or ask your affiliate network for materials and other guidance.

Ad formats pairing:

For direct and immediate reach to users’ devices, push notifications are your best choice. They take little space, however, the way they show up is very easy to notice and underline a sense of urgency or exclusivity which is great for converting purposes.

If you want to take a less obvious take on advertising, then native is for you. Native advertising blends very well with the surrounding content and can be super convincing if you’re using the right headlines, storytelling and compelling images to drive people to your offer.

And last, but definitely not the last option, for a more “in your face type of ads” you can reach out to banners or the interstitials formats. These types of advertising are very effective due to their straightforward nature and strategic placement which no one can miss. Add compelling messages, clear CTAs and dynamic elements and rest assured, you are on the right track.

Budgeting & KPIs to track:

Allocate a portion of your budget for testing different strategies and optimizing based on what works best. Continuously test different ad creatives, landing pages, and offers to determine what works best. You should also stay in regular contact with your affiliate managers to gain insights, receive feedback, and access promotional materials or exclusive offers.

Track your report data on a daily or weekly basis to quickly identify trends and make adjustments. For this, use your account dashboards and reports section to visualize campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.

Based on KPI performance, reallocate budget to the best-performing channels and strategies and pause or discontinue underperforming campaigns to minimize wasted spend.

The KPIs you’ll want to track depend on your initial campaign goals. If your goal is to increase awareness of a betting platform or a new offer, CPM might be more suitable. If your goal is to drive traffic to your landing page and generate sign-ups or deposits, CPC is likely the better option.

If you’re aiming to automatically maximise conversions while saving time as well as maintaining overall profitable costs, then our TargetCPA bidding model is for you. Our TargetCPA bidding aims for a particular cost per acquisition using an algorithm that adjusts bids dynamically, based on the probability of conversion, while still using the CPM/CPC model. You can see it in action here

Final remarks:

Betting is a highly profitable vertical, with a large user base and an evergreen popularity, however, it is not as easy as other niches in the affiliate marketing space, due to various regulations worldwide. At the other end of the stick though, earnings are higher and more constant compared to other type of offers,  so affiliates like this niche for a reason.

Luckily understanding the offer you are promoting, the preferences of the target audience, and the intricacies of the affiliate marketing landscape is the starting point for successful ad campaigns. Everything can be learned and success is a journey.

We hope this article has brought some insights to help you navigate this journey and rest assured we will provide all the right traffic and tools, letting you focus on these big decisions. From granular targeting filters to real-time campaign metrics, cost-effectiveness or our helping hand, we are waiting for you!

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