Unlocking the Potential of Popunders: Is This Ad Format Still Cool In 2023?

At Mondiad we are always looking for the best in anything when it comes to our users. This time, we’re diving into the potential of popunders.

To start, each ad format has its own perks and drawbacks. Some ads are best for promoting brand awareness and driving traffic while others are fitter to drive conversions. In the end, choosing the best ad type depends on the advertiser’s specific product/service, goals, ad placement, display settings, and target audience, at the least.

However, in this article, we will focus on one of the coolest ad types out there, popunders. Why are we doing this? Long story short, these past two years we’ve been busy bees working on a whole bunch of smart features and ways to improve the Mondiad platform for you. In this process, the idea of ad formats was much debated and we came to the conclusion that each ad format is the right choice in the right context.

Although as Mondiad we are not currently serving pops, we know someone who does and we also know the great impact they bring to light. But first, let us share with you our thoughts on why popunders are highly converting ads as well as a perfect choice for both advertising and ad monetization. Let’s start unlocking the potential of popunders!

What’s the deal with popunders?

Much like their name, popunder ads are a form of digital advertising displayed on a website and triggered in a new browser window when a website visitor interacts with the website.  This tab stays “hidden” in the background until the user closes the main window (the one they were browsing) or switches to the popunder tab. For this reason, they are generally considered less intrusive since they do not interrupt the user’s browsing experience like most ads.

This unique perk makes popunders very versatile in their usage, being a perfect choice for advertisers who are investing in brand awareness or driving website traffic.

Also, because pops are triggered by the user’s action and shown in a separate window, not interrupting the user’s browsing experience, these ads are more likely to be seen by users who are already interested in the advertised offer, leading to high conversion rates.

This ad display system can be set up via targeting filters like location, device, carrier, browser and other settings according to each ad network specs, to the ideal audience for the advertised product/service.

Pricing & results:

Another great characteristic of this ad format is its affordable cost. Popunders are generally known to be one the most affordable ad types to purchase. This makes them an attractive option for advertisers with limited budgets or those who are just starting out.

When it comes to pricing, popunders can be bought using several different models although the most popular types are CPM, CPC, and CPA, with CPM being the most common model.

  • CPM(cost per thousand impressions):  advertisers pay a fixed amount for every 1,000 impressions of their ad.
  • CPC(cost per click): advertisers pay for each click their ad receives and this method is commonly used for driving traffic to a website.
  • CPA(cost per acquisition): this method is mostly used for driving leads or sales since advertisers pay only when a user performs a specific action set by the advertiser, be it making a purchase or filling out a form.

Last but not least, it is important to note that besides the initial investment, when it comes to measuring success it is vital to also look at other metrics like CTR(click-through rate) or conversions, especially if your goal is driving sales with a said campaign.

Top verticals for popunders:

Their less intrusive nature makes popunders a great choice for a variety of verticals, however, these are the most popular and converting offers:

  • E-commerce offers
  • App installs (utilities)
  • Nutra
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Casino/Betting
  • Adult

Tips & tricks for unlocking the potential of popunders:

  1. Keep a decent ad display frequency of your popunder ads to avoid being annoying your audience.
  2. Always monitor and optimize the performance of your popunder ads through relevant metrics to your pre-set goals. 
  3. Don’t forget about ad block. Some browsers come with built-in ad blockers, preventing ads from being shown to users. 

Here, we’d like to share with you a secret that can solve this issue: the anti Ad-block code from PopCash, the 10-year-old ad network specialized in popunders. This code provided the PopCash advertisers allows the ads to be displayed on the web, even though the visitors have Adblock enabled. 

Why monetize your website with popunders in 2023?

🔸 If you own a website with decent traffic, monetizing it by hosting ads (of any format) that are relevant to your audience has always been a great and easy way of generating revenue. Honestly, who doesn’t need passive income? And if you are already monetizing your website in some other, why not diversify your revenue streams? A great saying says “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

🔸It’s so quick and easy to do it. Generally, you’ll only need to insert a short code/script in the body of your website. No need for high-tech complicated processes.

🔸 It takes literally no space on your website, so you don’t have to worry about the web layout. This also means that it doesn’t impact the user experience since popunders open in a new browser tab and thus users are more eager to click on them.

🔸 Popunders have always been very popular among advertisers and very versatile thought time, being used for a wide variety of verticals and by a wide range of advertisers.

🔸 Ad networks have become more responsive towards publishers, most of them investing in fast support or developing a large palate of payment processors to be able to cater for all preferences. Our friends, PopCash, for example, allow a $10 minimum withdrawal on a daily basis and through a variety of payment processors, including cryptocurrencies.

Still curious? Try for yourself!

-> Start your first popunder campaign with just $5 USD and less than minutes. Since summer is just beginning, get some inspiration from our summer advertising ideas post.
-> Submit your website and see the magic!

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