Digital Advertising Glossary 2022 – the Mondiad Edition!

Is a digital advertising glossary helpful in 2022? Yes, the world of digital advertising can be overwhelming for most people, especially beginners who are more and more interested in this profitable industry.

If you’re interested in joining ad network Mondiad, or if you’ve just signed up, this article is exactly what you need. Read below about the most common terminology in digital advertising and all the technical terms you need to know, to jumpstart your experience at Mondiad, whether you are an advertiser or a publisher.

getting started

1. Getting Started

Ad = an advertising piece of content that is provided by an Advertiser and shown to a user browsing a Publisher’s page. Typically, it consists of a title, an icon, and an image. 

Advertiser = a company or an individual that provides Ads to promote their product(s)/service(s), through suitable ad inventory from Publishers.

Publisher = a company or an individual that provides Advertisers with monetised ad space hosted on their website(s) or apps supporting Ads display.

Ad network = a platform that connects Advertisers who deliver ads to Publishers that drive visitors to them. 

Viewer = a person visiting a Publisher’s page and seeing an Ad displayed there.

how it works

2. How it works

RTB (Real-time bidding) = a system employed by Ad exchange platforms to facilitate the delivery of ads to end-users, through an instant auction. 

Impressions = the number of times an ad is displayed on a space hosted by a Publisher, no matter if it was clicked or not.

Clicks = the number of times viewers clicked or tapped on an ad, following the link. This interaction informs the campaign manager about successful impressions.

Conversions = the number of times clicks become conversions. A conversion means that a viewer has reached the end of the intended user’s path on the landing site / performed the intended action desired by the Advertiser. (purchased an item, installed an application, called the company’s phone, etc.) 

Revenue = monetary rewards.

  • Advertisers get revenue (from Clicks and/or Conversions) from the Publishers that host their ads. Advertiser’s Revenue can be tracked in Campaign manager only if it receives postback events from the Landings that viewers are redirected to after Clicks.
  • Publishers get revenue from monetising their ad space.

Referral System = a program where a user can invite other users to join Mondiad and receive cash bonuses for referring new members. Mondiad gives you 5% up to 1000 dollars revshare from your referred member’s spent or earnings!

setup & optimization

3. Ad Campaign Setup & Optimization

Ad Campaign = a series of ads delivered by an Advertiser to a Publisher`s website, according to specific targeting.

Campaign Targeting = the process an Advertiser goes through, to tailor their Campaigns to specific audiences. Each Campaign has a set Bid amount and may have automatic optimization rules that would limit the Campaign from spending too much money without showing desired performance. 

Ad Format = a form that an ad takes.
Currently, Mondiad deals with Push ads, In-page push ads, and Native ads. 

Creative = an ad element served to a viewer on the digital web in different formats.
Mondiad defines a creative as an image with an associated title, description and icon. 

Campaign Budgeting = the amount of money an Advertiser is willing to spend on an ad campaign over a period of time and the settings he configures according to his budget and goals. Mondiad`s policy allows Advertisers to configure their Campaigns according to the Total campaign budget, Daily campaign budget, Zone campaign budget and other perks.

Campaign Delivery = the process of serving ads to viewers according to a certain schedule. Mondiad lets you choose the day of the week, the time range and the frequency of serving one Campaign to the same users. 

Ad Zone = a specific part of a Publisher’s website set aside for ads.

Zone ID & Sub ID = anonymized representations of websites and Ad zones where ads are displayed. When optimizing Campaigns, Advertisers can track Zone Ids and Sub Ids to identify better-performing places.

Conversion Tracking = tracking tools and services that help you gather statistics and optimise your Campaign. Mondiad allows you to track and analyse data like conversions, transaction time, or payout amount among others

digital advertising metrics

4. Digital Advertising Metrics

CTR (Click-Through Rate) = the number of Impressions that get converted into Clicks. CTR = Clicks / Impressions.

CPM (Cost Per Mile) = a measure of efficiency for Advertisers. CPM = Spent / Impressions * 1000  

eCPM (Effective CPM) = a measure of efficiency for Publishers. eCPM = Revenue / Impressions * 1000 

Bid = the maximum amount of money an Advertiser is willing to pay for each Impression of their Ad. Mondiad can recommend bid amounts according to the Campaign’s Targeting settings.  

Traffic = the total amount of Bid requests that the Campaign received. Part of the Traffic becomes Impressions  (when the Campaign submits a winning Bid). 

Spent = the amount of money spent by an Advertiser on Impressions of their ad. Mondiad lets you break it down by Zone Id, Sub Id and other elements within a Campaign.

Win Rate = the success rate of the bid set for the Campaign against competing bids. Win rate = Impressions / Traffic 

Avg. CPC (Average Cost-Per-Click) = a Campaign statistic that requires postback from the landing page. CPC = Average CPC = Spent / Clicks 

ROI (Return On Investment) = the financial gains resulting from a Campaign’s overall efficiency.  ROI = (Revenue / Spent – 1) * 100


There you have it! 

You`ve been now initiated in the realm of digital advertising and you`re all set up to jumpstart your experience at Mondiad as a publisher or advertiser, (if you haven`t already.) Welcome!

P.S. If you get to the next level by signing up on Mondiad, make sure you check out our Help Center.


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