Seasonal Mondiad Advertising Ideas: Winter

Winter is here! Heat up your earnings through seasonal advertising by promoting the right products! It`s time for winter sports, e-commerce sales boom, mid-winter sales and holiday recreation. Basically, consumers are now either in shopping mode or getting away to relax. Oh, and it`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎵

What does that mean to you?

Choosing the best verticals for seasonal advertising isn’t always an easy process but it`s definitely worth it. This season, to boost your revenue, it`s best to drive traffic towards niched, top-selling products like gadgets, electronics, cosmetics, fashion items, skis, skates, sledges, you know… all the wintery stuff. When the weather turns cold, consumers turn to comfort.

Come to think about it, the calendar reveals many opportunities to spice up your seasonal advertising ad portfolio. From international events like the FIFA World Cup or Christmas, to local holidays/events that are happening in the space of your targeted audience demographic. For example, think about St. Nicholas Day, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

1. Capitalize on winter holidays & big events:

Winter Solstice (around December 21st): ☃️
Highlight products or services that align with the winter season, such as winter clothing, home heating, or winter sports equipment. Make sure to align your promotions with winter fashion trends and events for better opportunities.

Christmas (December 25th):🎄🎅
Gifts, bundles, discounts, home decor, everything xmas-themed.

Hanukkah (varies): 🕎
Promote thoughtful Hanukkah gifts.

New Year’s Eve (December 31st):
For the New Year’s Eve celebrations, you can promote experiences/services related to end of the year celebrations, party supplies. Additionally, capitalize on the New Year’s resolution trend by promoting health and fitness products, gym memberships, and wellness services.

Winter Sales: ❄️
Capitalize on post-holiday shopping with winter clearance sales. During this period many business are checking their remaining stock and coming up with new deals and special offers. 

Chinese New Year (varies): 🧨
If your target audience includes regions celebrating Chinese New Year, incorporate promotions that align with the festivities and traditions.

Back to School (varies by region): 🎒📓
In some countries, the second school semester begins in January, after the Xmas break. With this in mind, run promotions on school supplies, educational materials, and related products.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th): 💘
Consider promoting romantic gifts, couple experiences, and themed products but also promotions for singles as well, emphasizing self-love. This international event is so big in popularity and it offers so many opportunities for everyone who takes part in it and plays their cards right.

Super Bowl (varies): 🏈
Run promotions on party supplies, snacks, and home entertainment systems leading up to the big game. You can also consider the sports betting niche.

2. Upgrade your ad creatives/offers:

Use festive imagery and colours:
Include winter-themed visuals such as snowflakes, or holiday decorations and use colours that reflect the season, like deep reds, greens, and icy blues.

Highlight winter solutions:
Highlight in your creative how your offer solves specific winter-related problems. It can be about staying warm, organizing holiday events, or just simplifying winter activities.

Evoke holiday emotions & Storytelling:
Use copy that resonates with the emotions associated with winter holidays, like joy, giving, and celebration. You can include heartwarming stories, testimonials, or scenarios that evoke a sense of holiday joy.

Highlight urgency & exclusiveness:
Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency by emphasizing limited-time promotions, exclusive discounts, or special bundles. Use phrases like “holiday exclusive” or “limited edition” to encourage viewers to take action before the offer expires.

Showcase your offers as ideal gifts for the season:
Use visuals of gift wrapping, present boxes, or holiday-themed product arrangements.

Use mobile-friendly design:
Many users shop and browse on their smartphones during the holiday season, so your visuals and text should be easily readable on smaller screens.


Remember you are selling the transformation/solution your product offers, not the product itself and promo ideas will come to you!
Happy advertising!

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