Are native ads worth the hype in 2022 and onwards?

Mondiad native ad format

Recently, we announced the launch of our latest ad format: natives, and with this article, we intend to tell you more about why you should give it a try!

So what`s the buzz around native advertising? 

According to Insider Intelligence, native ad spending will reach $83.42 billion, or 67.7% of overall programmatic display ad spending.

Long story short, as digital advertising evolved through the years, so did customer habits. Brands wishing to promote their products on the web were faced with more difficulty in catching the attention of their target audience, as users were already bombarded daily with ads. Enter native ads!

What are native ads?

Interestingly, native advertising resembles organic content on a website but is, in fact, paid. As the name implies, the word “native” refers to its ability to match the design and function of the platform upon which it appears, being difficult for viewers to identify them as advertising. This has always been the case with advertorials, the previous name for native advertising, even though they were required to display a label that said ‘Advertisement’.

What types of native ads are there?

When it comes to native advertising, there are three main types:

  • In Feed/In Content ads: Ads that are integrated into content or social feeds and seek to blend in with original content.
  • Recommendation Ads: Typically placed at the end of an article or on the side, featuring suggested content/ads for viewers.
  • Branded/Native Content Ads: This type of native ad functions as unique content on a publisher’s website.
What are the benefits of native ads?
  • They benefit viewers, publishers, and advertisers.
  • They are non-disruptive, matching the look and feel of the website’s content.
  • Are designed specifically not to look like an ad, making it harder to ignore.
  • They build trust as they are strategically placed based on the audience`s online habits and search history.
  • They reach targeted audiences.
  • They generate more clicks than traditional ads. Native’s contextual reference offers a higher CTR, and because the user is more engaged, the conversion rate should also be higher. 
  • For publishers, they are perfect to be monetised without sacrificing user experience.

With us, you are able to use sophisticated targeting to reach only websites relevant to your offer.

Tips that work well in native advertising!
  • Well-researched audience targeting
  • Knowing your product very well
  • Speaking your audience’s language
  • Catchy graphics or text overlays
  • Strategical tests to optimize your campaigns
  • Well-thought ad placement

To avoid being deceptive and damaging your brand reputation, texts such as “promoted by” or “sponsored” may be featured within the creative, to indicate the paid promotion. 


Next, how about you learn how easy it is to create a native ads campaign with Mondiad? Check out this article from our Help Center.

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