Brand New Ad Format: Native Ads are Officially Here!

Mondiad native ads launch

Attention Mondiad users, native ads are officially here! 🎉

Advertiser`s panel:

Advertisers looking to experiment with the new ad format can easily do it as with the rest of the ad formats. Log into your Mondiad advertiser account and head over to the Campaigns tab to set up a new campaign. We`ve also made a self-help detailed article on how to configure everything + our advice for the best ad campaign optimization. Happy reading!

Publisher`s panel:

If you are a Mondiad publisher, the good news applies to you too! From now on, you can enhance your website with ad zones using the native ad type. Head over to your publisher account to set up your websites, your ad zones, and the rest of the configuration.

native ads launch for publishers

In short words, native ads look just like organic content on a website but are, in fact, paid content.

Also called sponsored advertising, natives have been constantly increasing worldwide, especially in the past years due to shifts in consumer behaviour. Given the abundance and intrusiveness of traditional ads, the majority of well-known publishers have already integrated them into their strategies.


“Customer loyalty seems to grow more through native advertising.”
Native Advertising Institute


Why you can`t miss adding native ads to your portfolio in 2022?

  • they are non-disruptive;
  • they are seamlessly integrated into the user experience, looking similar to related content on that page;
  • they are aligned with your marketing funnel;
  • they benefit viewers, publishers, and advertisers;
  • they build trust as they are strategically placed based on the audience`s online habits and search history.

-> they generate more clicks than traditional ads.


Next, how about you learn how easy it is to create a native ads campaign with Mondiad? Check out this article from our Help Center.

Are you ready to power up your advertising game? Smart advertising is one click away! #GoMondiad

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