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Why are anti-fraud solutions important in advertising?

Anti-fraud solutions are crucial in advertising to protect the integrity and effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns. This is more important since digital advertising has become a prime target for various types of fraudulent activities due to its size and complexity.

Anti-fraud solutions can prevent:

  • ad budget getting wasted on bot traffic
  • inaccurate data for assessing campaign performance
  • legal and ethical regulations not being followed by advertisers/publishers

 Implementing anti-fraud measures helps ensure that advertisers, publishers, and consumers all benefit from a transparent and trustworthy advertising ecosystem. A trustworthy and fraud-free advertising ecosystem attracts more advertisers and encourages long-term investments. 

And last but not least, by reducing the impact of ad fraud, the advertising industry can focus on innovation and growth, as advertisers feel more confident in investing in new technologies and formats.


How do we do it?

Mondiad is a fraud-free zone. We detect and repress fraud by using both manual as well as automatic protection systems to verify the quality of each visitor. A campaign will receive traffic only after visitors have passed the anti-fraud filters.

🔹 Our traffic inventory is carefully monitored manually

All Mondiad publishers are carefully reviewed after registration by our internal anti-fraud team to make sure all websites comply with our policy.

Websites registered in Mondiad must be content-based, fully functional at all levels, and shall comply with the applicable legislation.


Additionally, we are not allowing content that:

  • promotes violence, defames or threatens harm to others
  • Promotes illegal substances or activities
  • Promotes software pirating 
  • Promotes false, misleading or reproduced information
  • Involves hacking or phreaking
  • Any other inappropriate activity determined by us in our sole discretion. You can check the full detailed conditions in our Terms & Conditions.

We will perform an analysis of the publisher’s accounts to verify the quality of the ads provided to us. Additional analysis of the publisher’s accounts will be performed if suspicion of fraudulent activity or the reports received from active advertisers will point to abnormal behaviour.


🔹 Campaigns manual moderation

We will check each promotion before approval and while running for each of our advertisers to block and avoid any possible fraudulent activity.

We are not allowing campaigns that promote:

  • APK/EXE automatic download without a delay of at least 10 seconds and a proper landing page;
  • Malware/phishing campaigns;
  • Technical support, fake support or related;
  • Fake, aggressive or misleading ads (fake flash player, fake antivirus, etc.);
  • Sneaky redirects and cloaking;
  • Landing pages without content or not working;
  • Violent, hate (based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity);
  • Incest, necrophilia, paedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality and more;
  • Any offer that has content forbidden in the country is promoted by law.

It is also forbidden to buy traffic with the purpose of sending it back to us for monetization.


🔹Automatic anti-fraud internal system

In addition to our anti-fraud team that constantly monitors all activity, we have developed a complex in-house anti-fraud system, which analyzes each ad type since fraud can vary with the format.

Our internal algorithms add another layer of security by checking the traffic by several parameters in real-time to detect any type of fraudulent activity.


Our internal technologies include several algorithms like:

  • Bot detection 
  • AI bot movement detection
  • Iframe detection
  • Selenium and other automation frameworks detection
  • IP check validation

and several other complex systems


All in all, anti-fraud solutions are essential for building trust, transparency, and accountability within the advertising ecosystem.  And we know it. We are 24/7 on the clock making sure all our traffic inventory is safe, clean and of high quality.

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