Consumer trends and advertising insights you need to know in 2023!

2023 trends and predictions in advertising - mondiad

A new year just began,  so naturally here come new trends and customer habits along the way.

The shift to the digital business world continues to grow like never before, challenging every product owner, webmaster or affiliate marketer to be on the look for the latest innovations on the web, to catch the best opportunities.

Here`s where we appear in the picture!

With a bit of internal audit, some networking here and there, lots of research, and 10+ years of experience in the industry, here are a few 2023 tips from us:

1. Automation 🦾:

As time passes by, we’re all more and more inclined to save time by automating processes that can ease up our work. Whether we are talking about automating the communication between vendor and customer or just facilitating in-house processes among team members. 

In this context, we can think about email automation, a chatbot for customer engagement and of course advertising automation.

If you think about it, last year we did put out efforts into making the Mondiad experience as smooth as possible, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser working with us.

For example, we’ve launched our own ad campaign optimisation rules that allow you to automate the disabling of low-performing creatives, subids, zoneids, campaigns and more. On another note, in our platform you can set up recurrent automatic payments, to automate the cashout of your revenue according to parameters set by you.

2. Personalization & localization 🎨:

In an era where information is everywhere and choices are endless, the focus shifted towards the individual rather than the big masses. For this reason, personalisation today is what catches the eye of the viewer as it helps them feel important/heard. 

If you’re a product owner or an affiliate marketer, in 2023 it’s vital to research your ideal customer thoroughly and target your audience at granular levels. We can also help you do that! In the Mondiad platform, you can filter your target audience to every level you need, including countries, devices, operating systems, browsers, browser versions, traffic type, ad format, ZoneId, SubId, etc.

3. Collaborations 🤝:

Whether we are talking about influencer marketing, referrals, networking at in-person industry events, or just networking via the internet, collaborations between brands and people in general still show potential growth in the near future. People resonate with people, so it is much easier to sell your product to your target audience if your visibility and credibility is increased by other trusted peers. It`s just natural. 

Our advice would be to keep an open mind regarding potential collaborations that can benefit your business and even better, actively pursue opportunities.

What’s to promote in 2023?

The industry dynamics are a tough cookie but if you got a bit of experience you`ll recognize some patterns. Most trends, habits, opportunities, whatever you want to call them, are influenced by the movement of things, namely what happens around the world.

Just think about what events (local or global) had or will have the biggest impact on general money flow. For example, in the past years, we`ve battled a pandemic, armed conflicts, rising inflation, natural disasters… All things like that translate into the affiliate marketing and digital advertising realm as people develop new needs or desires. And here is where you must be aware of the hot topics and take advantage of them!

In Mondiad, the most popular GEOs are English-speaking countries (US, CA, UK, AU), major European countries (IT, ES, DE, FR) as well as a few countries from SE Asia ( JP, VN, TH).

In terms of verticals, you can always focus on evergreen niches like e-commerce or app installs(mainly antivirus and cleaner apps), lead-gen sweepstakes, Betting, Casino, Mobile content (Carrier billing) or Nutra.

Overall, all GEOs and offers are relevant at all times, taking into account seasonal advertising and the local colour of your targeted audience. Here, optimization is key.

What does a winning strategy looks like?

It depends on what that means to you.  For example, establishing your brand identity is essential in today’s digital landscape. But you also be looking for success in the form of ad impressions(for brand awareness or market expansion) or conversions( for lead gen/sales) for your product/service. As a general rule, the marketing industry is niche-focused, so make sure you do your research thoroughly.

Last but not least, to ensure you are on the road to success, ensure you:

  1. Establish a customer-centred approach 
  2. Take advantage of trends and what`s viral at the moment
  3. Periodically check your analytics, test and tweak settings for the best outcomes
What`s the industry like in 2023?

Taking the pulse of the digital advertising industry, the advertising world has strengthened its position in the digital space, becoming the most used source. Despite the economic unrest, ad spending is expected to globally increase in 2023, although not to the extent of the recent post-pandemic years of 2021 and 2022. According to Statista, forecast data indicates that ad spending worldwide will reach nearly 885 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2024.

The takeaway?

Do you plan to align your 2023 business plan with the trends? You don`t necessarily have to change what already works for you but be aware of what`s to come, to ensure you always make informed decisions. If you ever need a helping hand, don’t forget to reach out to us! We’ll help you achieve your 2023 goals.

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