All About Advertising Utilities Offers for Affiliate Marketing Success!

There’s many questions up in the air when it comes to affiliate marketing, however, there is one curiosity everyone wants to know: what niche is the most profitable? Perhaps, the answer to this question, is not the same to everyone, however, from our experience, we have some guidelines. So, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, join us as we break down the basics of one very lucrative niche and reveal how app utilities can make you revenue.



What are software utilities?

App utilities refer to software applications designed to enhance the functionality or performance of mobile devices, which in the context of affiliate marketing are very lucrative to promote and earn commissions.

Types of utilities:

System/Performance optimizers: These apps help users optimize the performance of their mobile devices, such as cleaning junk files, boosting RAM, or improving battery life.

Storage & Recovery: This category helps users manage their data and includes a variety of apps such as cloud storage, data backup, file managers, or file compressors, to name a few.

Productivity Apps: As the name implies, these utilities improve productivity, and include apps such as task managers, screen recorders, note-taking apps, PDF editors, image/video/audio editors, or calendar tools.

Security/Privacy Apps: These apps are designed to protect the security of mobile devices, and include software like antiviruses, disk encryption, or VPN services.


How worth it is it to promote utilities?

Software utilities has always been a lucrative niche in affiliate marketing since the’re are many offer providers to choose from. Additionally, the niche is covered around the world and the profitability is there all year long, since the industry is not affected by seasonality.  

To top it all off, users are super receptive and knowledgeable about this niche, since utilities offers encompass a series of app variations to enhance or protect the online experience, and we all know, how connected we are today. 

Just think about how many of us are using VPN to browse the web or how imperative is using an antivirus today, to stay protected. According to Statista, in 2023 alone, security software spending was valued at 8 billion US dollars worldwide, while this year the forecast



Best ad format pairings:

in page push

Whether you are going for the classic or the in-page format, push notifications deliver your offer to the right audience in a direct, yet user-friendly and non-intrusive way.  This ad format offers a powerful combination of direct engagement, personalization, precise targeting and cost-effectiveness, making it suited for promoting app utilities offers.

For a different approach, you can go to native advertising, where you can take a more editorial/creative approach with your promo. Be leveraging the strengths of native ads like the strategic placement and visual appeal, affiliates can effectively promote utility apps and drive conversions while providing value to their audience.


Design that converts:

When it comes to creatives, it is important to use relevant imagery and compelling copy that speaks directly and clearly to the offer that is promoted. For example, if you are promoting an antivirus offer, naturally, you’ll want to highlight the safety benefits they provide. You can additionally showcase happy clients testimonials and how the use of the said app has solved a problem or improved a situation. 

Split testing your ad creatives will be super useful when starting out your campaigns. This way you can identify what messages or visuals resonate most with your targeted audience. Creating a campaign in Mondiad let’s you test up to 10 creatives in one campaign, so rest assured, we got you. 😉

Be transparent. Avoid being misleading with your ads and avoid promising results your offer can’t accomplish. Rather than scaring people how their device is at risk without using your antivirus app, try to enhance the perks of using it to improve security and provide a sense of security.

Localize your messages: Optimize your ad creatives or landing pages to be relevant to your targeting. The moment you aim for another city, you can already start thinking of different approaches in terms of both messaging and visuals. The language, the culture, the local events and other little quirks can be used in your advantage. Remember, the more you resonate with your target audience, the more you convert.

Pre-landers and landing pages are a great extra layer of engagement to warm up your leads and increase conversions. These pages allow you to showcase the benefits and features of your app in a concise and impactful way, while building trust and awareness at the same time.

Ask for help: Speak to your affiliate manager for resources to help you promote your offer or with us as your traffic provider, for campaign advice and other recommendations. 😉


Campaign targeting recommendations:

Choosing GEOs:
When it comes to targeting countries, the possibilities are endless. It’s up to you, your experience, your research, your budget and so on. Naturally, if you are just beginning your utilities affiliate marketing journey, you’ll want to start with tier 2 and 3 countries thanks to smaller investments to be made, however, if you’ve dipped your toes in this niche, you may want to go straight to tier 1 geos for bigger profits.

Device targeting:
Naturally, very important when it comes to targeting your utilities campaigns, is to think very granularly, especially when it comes to devices and their specs. Are you aiming to target mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers? Are you more interested in iOS or Android operating systems? Each device type may have different usage patterns or be preferred by said demographics, so tailoring your ads accordingly can improve their effectiveness. All these little details can make or break your campaign success so discovering which of these elements are successful to your offer is an imperative step.


Choosing  utilities offers to advertise:

Research your niche:
As with any other campaign, the initial research is the way to go. Note you might be provided with some campaign recommendations from your offer providers, or you might know your stuff from your experience, however, don’t skip this step. A little research will help you refresh your knowledge and get you up to date with your industry. Sometimes, there are events that perturb the status quo(take the Covid pandemic, for example) you might have known, and the new findings can be a great lesson to successful advertising.

Establish what you look for in a provider:
When scouting for app utilities offers to advertise, there’s several factors you need to consider, from the network reputation to the types of offers, the payout system, the responsiveness of the support team, to the competition, or the demographics you want to target and especially your expertise.

Most popular app utilities like Avast antivirus or NordVPN have their own affiliate programs, however, the web is full of opportunities. Many affiliate networks dealing with app utilities provide a wide portfolio of offers and a plethora of great perks. Check out our partner deals section for some exclusive deals you don`t want to miss.


The takeaway!

Navigating through the realm of advertising app utilities offers, affiliates must understand there is a wide variety of strategies and ad formats at their disposal and that positive outcomes are in their hands. All in all, understanding the offer you are promoting, the preferences of the target audience, and the intricacies of the affiliate marketing landscape is the starting point for successful ad campaigns.

Luckily, working with an ad network like Mondiad will provide all the right traffic and tools, letting you focus on these big decisions. From granular targeting filters to real-time campaign metrics, cost-effectiveness or our helping hand, rest assured you can be a winner too!

To help you jumpstart your utilities advertising journey, take the “UTLTS10” secret code and tell it to our support team for a special deposit bonus! 🤫🎁

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