Mondiad dynamic ads are ready to make you money!

Mondiad dynamic ads

Are you ready to improve the monetization and viewability of the Mondiad ads you host on your website? With ad monetization, every visitor is a revenue opportunity! And the better the ad placements & the proper timing, the better your website’s profitability.

So here’s a thing… we’ve got a fresh new ad format ready to make you money! 🤑


Meet Mondiad’s dynamic ads!

Mondiad dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are an ad format that slides into view within the header or footer of a webpage as the user scrolls down through it. Once triggered, the ad remains stationary in the header/footer until the viewer chooses to close it.


What are the benefits of dynamic ads?

If you want to take a valuable opportunity to enhance your website monetization efforts, improve user experience, and provide advertisers with increased visibility and engagement, our dynamic ads are for you. Here’s why:

💪 Increased visibility.
Dynamic ads will guarantee you high ad viewability without jeopardizing user experience. And you know this is tricky to combat. But since the ad remains visible as the user scrolls through the webpage, the ad lingers for a longer period of time which means higher viewability.

💪 Higher click-through rates (CTRs).
Higher visibility equals higher engagement rates. This one should be self-explanatory.

💪 Are less intrusive than other ad formats.
Dynamic ads do not disrupt the user experience or impede navigation on the website, thus they are less intrusive to website visitors. Users can simply scroll past the ad if they’re not interested or simply hit the “x” button to close them.

💪 Great for mobile devices where screen space is limited.
Taking up minimal space but still remaining in full view of the user as they continue consuming content offers a seamless experience for viewers coming from all devices.

💪 No banner blindness.
The strategic ad placement (header/footer) is perfect in combating banner blindness which occurs in the main content area of the webpage. 


On a final note, as a publisher, we recommend you to refrain from overloading your webpage with too many ads. A single dynamic ad in the viewpoint should work better to catch the user’s attention. But you do you. 🙃


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