What Advertising Verticals Are Best to Target in 2023?

Whether you’re a new or an experienced player in the digital advertising space, you’ll have figured it out that this industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Naturally, staying ahead of the curve is your key to success but navigating this competitive arena, thus taking the pulse of consumer behaviour and emerging trends is the key to achieving your marketing objectives. 

With this in mind, let’s take a short journey through the advertising landscape of 2023, uncovering the most lucrative verticals to target. Whether you’re an established brand looking to refine your strategy or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking the next big opportunity, our insights will shed light on the advertising verticals that are poised to shine this year. So what verticals are best to target in 2023?


What is a vertical in advertising/affiliate marketing?

In the context of advertising and affiliate marketing, a “vertical” refers to a specific industry or niche that advertisers or affiliate marketers target with their campaigns. Simply put, it represents a category of products or services that share common characteristics or interests among its audience.


How do you find lucrative affiliate marketing niches?

Choosing the right vertical in advertising and affiliate marketing is crucial because it determines the competition level and potential profitability of your ad campaigns. Fortunately or not, there’s a wide variety of verticals for advertisers or affiliates to focus on. 

When it comes to choosing a niche though, one must be strategic and start by conducting market research and trends analysis to be able to make effective, data-driven decisions. All in all, look at market demand, target audience, and customer behaviour, assess potential risks and opportunities and last but not least make sure your chosen niche is part of your personal interests or expertise since this will benefit you in the long run.

Ideally, as with any business, you’ll need to periodically monitor the industry since the market is always dynamic. For example, just think about the recent Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the entire world, especially how it changed customer needs and behaviour. Those who managed to adapt to the situation were the real winners and that is true even within evergreen niches.


Is it okay to switch niches?

Staying close to the importance of monitoring and adapting to market changes, it is absolutely okay to switch verticals if you consider it is no longer aligning with your business goals or desired outcome. In fact, it is common for advertisers and affiliates to switch niches, be it because they are seeking new opportunities, responding to changing consumer preferences or pursuing a different field. 


Top best 2023 ad verticals

As mentioned, niches’ popularity and profitability can change over time due to various factors, including market trends, technology advancements, and shifts in consumer behaviour. As a side note, the most reliable affiliate marketing niches in profitability terms are not tied to any particular season or period. However, we can analyze the general evolution of the industry and identify patterns for some of the most reliable and profitable niches in recent times. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our recommendations for profitable niches in the present:


App Installs(Utilities)

People have always looked for the latest gadgets, software, and accessories to improve their lives, thus this niche has a constant large base of enthusiastic consumers around the world. In the online world, this vertical is as popular as ever. VPNs, mobile apps, antiviruses, productivity apps… this vertical offers a large palette of offers to promote making it somehow evergreen and a good opportunity to capitalise on.

As per usual, there are no limitations when it comes to choosing an ad format for your utilities offers. In the image above, you can see some ad creatives examples, made with push, native and banner ads, for inspiration.

Top GEOs in Mondiad: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia



Dating is a universal and timeless human experience where people of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics are interested in finding romantic or intimate connections. Overall, this niche remains evergreen and highly dynamic due to its ability to resonate with a broad and diverse audience, adapt to changing trends, and capitalize on the increasing use of technology in the dating process.

In advertising, the dating niche is promoting offers designed to attract individuals to join dating platforms, sign up for memberships, or engage in specific dating-related activities. Dating ads can vary widely in style and content, ranging from serious and detailed profiles to more casual and playful ones. Some dating ads may emphasize specific attributes, such as physical appearance, hobbies, or interests, while others may focus on personality traits or relationship goals. 

Common dating offers promote free trial offers to websites/apps, discounted memberships, referral programs, compatibility tests, membership upgrades as well as special/themed events.

Top GEOs in Mondiad: United States, Japan



Just like people love tech innovation, who doesn’t want to be rich? The rise of internet connectivity has enhanced access to learning about investments and overall financial wiseness. Long story short, there’s a large popularity for wealth-building products and services that are a great opportunity to be part of.

Additionally, let’s forget to mention the popularity of cryptocurrency and forex markets which have garnered significant interest from traders, investors, and the general public. The potential for substantial returns on investment can attract a large and engaged audience.



The popularity of casinos varies depending on factors such as location, the availability of legal gambling options, cultural attitudes toward gambling, and economic conditions but nonetheless, this industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decades.  Adding to the Casino craze was also the spread of internet accessibility and consumer behaviour which has massively increased in the online world. At the same time, the ongoing evolution of the gambling industry, including the integration of technology and changes in regulations, continues to influence the popularity of casinos worldwide.

To put it simply, casino/betting ads encompass a wide variety of promotional offers and strategies aimed at attracting players to casinos and betting platforms. These type of ads typically promote various aspects of the casino experience and the special offers that players can enjoy, including welcome bonuses, free spins, exclusive games, cashback deals, loyalty programs and so on.

Top GEOs in Mondiad: Brazil, India, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Russia.



Sweepstakes can be a fun and effective way for businesses to connect with their customers, generate excitement, and increase brand visibility. This type of ads represent a promotional contest or giveaway where participants have the opportunity to win prizes based on luck, rather than skill, usually in exchange for a piece of information like their email address. The usual prizes showcasted may include cash, vacations, gift cards, electronics, or any other items of value.

Top GEOs in Mondiad: France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.



With increasing awareness of healthier lifestyles, more and more people start getting informed and taking action towards living healthier, whether it’s about food, beauty, anti-ageing, alternative medicine, mental health, or fitness products/services. The good part of this lifestyle needs to be maintained in the long run, which makes this niche constantly profitable. 

As a Nutra advertiser, you can promote offers selling beauty products, anti-ageing creams, weight loss products, men’s potency enhancements, Vitamins and dietary supplements, products to improve concentration and performance, teeth whitening pastes, health insurance plans, and all even good health/luck charms.


And now that you know the best 2023 ad verticals, you are ready to discover where the golden opportunities lie and how you can harness them to elevate your marketing game and drive remarkable results. 

No matter your offer, niche or ad format of choice, make sure you:

  • Define Your USP
  • Evaluate volumes and the possibility to scale
  • Advertise where your audience is, at the right timing
  • Set initial goals, track and measure campaign results

Successful advertisers and affiliate marketers are always looking for new angles and products to promote. Are you one of them? If you are, you can count on Mondiad to take your ads to the right audience, at the right time via qualitative traffic and smart features that automatically optimize your success.


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