Mondiad`s Year In Review: 2021

Looking back to 2021, we are grateful to wrap up with many milestones reached and happy clients. In 2021 we’ve brought to light many new features and updates for our Mondiad users, including:

  • two new types of ad format (Classic Push & In page push);
  • a more complex targeting section;
  • UI/UX optimization for a better user experience;
  • new payment processors (Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, Capitalist);
  • a strong anti-fraud solution that is working great for our users, to generate more conversions;
  • a public API for our partners;
  • many other perks.

Looking forward, we are excited to delight our users with many new surprises like native ads, which we are already working on.

Come join us and let`s grow together!

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